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We have received a number of messages from readers. We are sorry we were not able to get to them sooner, or to respond to each one. We will try to do better in the future.

One reader told us that they can confirm that Mark Bellinghaus’ birth name was Hans Siegfried Schmidt. This is why he sometimes used an image of Siegfried from the Richard Wagner opera of the same name when posting online.

We have received more information, but are unable to confirm it. If you know Mark Bellinghaus, or have seen any news about him since July of this year, please let us know. Thank you.

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Is Mark Bellinghaus buying the crypt above Marilyn Monroe?

In our last post, we asked why Mark Bellinghaus was selling his treasured collection of Marilyn Monroe items. Now we learn that the crypt directly above Marilyn Monroe is for sale. On eBay.

Is Mark intending to buy it as his own final resting place so that he can be next to Marilyn Monroe forever? If so, we hope that Mark is the winning bidder, but we would really prefer to see Mark finance a film and return to acting.

Friends through Bellinghaus!

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Mark Bellinghaus selling Marilyn Monroe collection

You may not know that as well as being a talented actor, Mark Bellinghaus is also a collector of things that formerly belonged to the great actress Marilyn Monroe. He has a very large collection of clothing that was worn by Marilyn and furnished his own home with furniture that may at one time have been in Marilyn’s home.

Mark said in an interview that he spent his inheritance buying Marilyn items at auctions. Now it appears like Mark is selling off his treasured collection of Marilyn Monroe items. Here is information about the auction and here is a link to a news story about the auction.

We hope that this is a sign that Mark is returning to acting full time. If you have any information about this please leave a comment or email us.

Friends through Bellinghaus!

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Mark Bellinghaus and Hans Siegfried Schmidt (part two)

Is Hans Siegfried Schmidt really Mark Bellinghaus’s birth name?

We believe so, but we still aren’t sure. We have updated¬† the FAQ and our original post about this with new links. The search engine caches have expired but we were lucky enough to archive copies of them. If you didn’t get the chance to see them before you can take a look now.

We hope that Mark’s websites are back again soon!

Friends through Bellinghaus!

Friends through Bellinghaus!

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Mark Bellinghaus – America Thanks You!

Mark Bellinghaus poster

Mark Bellinghaus poster

Do you like the poster we made for Mark? We did it here. You can use any picture and make it like the Barack Obama poster. We know Mark supports Barack Obama so we hope he likes this.

Another page about Mark Bellinghaus seems to have disappeared from the internet. We had it in out bookmarks but when we tried to visit it earlier this week it was gone. It is not as c0ncerning as the disappearing of Mark’s sites but it was a nice tribute to Mark and we’re sorry to see it go. Does anyone know why all of these links are disappearing? Please let us know if you do.

Here is a link to the Google cache of the page: It may not be around for very long.

Friends through Bellinghaus!

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Screenshots of Mark in Der Name der Rose

We finally got the chance to make screen shots of Mark in the film Der name der Rose. You can view them here.

As we posted here and here, Mark’s websites are not working for us. If anyone knows why this is, please let us know. It is a little worrying that they have been down for so long.
Friends through Bellinghaus!

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Mark Bellinghaus and Hans Siegfried Schmidt

We have in the FAQ about Mark that Mark’s birth name was Hans Siegfried Schmidt. We linked to some press releases that Mark put out under that name in 2006. Those links are now dead. We don’t know what’s going on, but since we’ve started this site, Mark’s websites seem to be broken and now 3 year old press releases are disappearing!

You can see cached versions of those press releases here while they last:

Mark Roesler: Marilyn Monroe’s licensing lawyer got caught—the rise and fall of one of America’s most famous lawyers!

Marilyn Monroe and The Los Angeles Times – a year of shame and disgust!

We don’t understand why PR-inside would remove those press releases now when they have been there for over 2 years already! It’s like somone is trying to erase Mark from the internet!

In this cached copy of a post on Mark’s blog his partner Jennifer J Dickinson says “Thank you for everything Mr. Hans Siegfried Schmidt aka Mark Bellinghaus“: Frank Ferruccio – eBay’s Leading Criminal Caught! How To Catch A Thief. We really believe that Mark Bellinghaus was born as Hans Siegfried Schmidt. Can you help us confirm this? Did you go to school with Mark? Please contact us or leave us a message in the comments. Thank you.

Friends through Bellinghaus!

UPDATE: We have replaced the links to the expired search engine results with archived copies.

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